MG Authentic Hand Weaved Kente Cloth A2443

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(Female)1 Design Piece
(Female)2 Design Pieces
(Female)1 Design/1 Plain
(Female(3 Design Pieces
(Female)2 Design/1 Plain
(Female)1 Design/2 Plain
1 Design Piece Men's Traditional Wrap
Product description

MG Authentic Kente is made with high end cotton and rayon blended together through an intricate weaving process done by hand in the Ashanti region of Kumasi, Ghana. 

This fabric is the original Kente cloth and we cut no corners as many do to raise their profit by using a cheaper china thread that has flooded the market, where as we offer a guarantee for the real fabric and unlike many others, you get the design you see in the image and not something one may think is similar as we boost having the top weavers and designers in Ghana.

Most orders are made once ordered while also some are in stock which will determine handling time. 

Kente comes from the word kenten, which means basket in the Asante dialect of Akan. Akans refer to kente as nwentoma, meaning woven cloth. It is an Akan royal and sacred cloth worn only in times of extreme importance and was the cloth of kings. Over time, the use of kente became more widespread.

Kente cloth is special on many levels. Around the world, the unique patterns and colors are easily identifiable as a representation of West African culture. ... This gives each Kente design its own unique, symbolic value. Kente cloth may symbolize the wearer's status or mark a festive occasion.

Materials Combined Used are-Cotton, Rayon 

It's Common For Females To Use 6 Yards For Sewing Gowns, Dresses, Etc. Males commonly use 8 to 10 Yards and Overly Sized Men can have the Option of 12 Yards. And Children are Typically 4 Yards. Babies and Accessories Typically 2 Yards.

Female are sold in 1-3 Pieces

Male are Sold in 1 Piece 

Made In Kumasi GHANA 

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