Kente Print Women's MG Designer Dress P3

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Why is the kente cloth so special?

Kente is more than just a cloth. It is an iconic visual representation of the history, philosophy, ethics, oral literature, religious belief, social values, and political thought of West Africa. Kente is exported as one of the key symbols of African heritage and pride in African ancestry throughout the diaspora.

Kente print" is mass produced in factories which mearly duplicate the traditional design. 2) The "kente print" is MUCH lighter in weight as patterns are often duplicated onto cheaper or more accessible fabrics such as cotton. In comparison, yards of traditional kente cloth have a bit of heft and much thicker texture.

This item comes as seen with possible slight differences as sewed by human hands.

Customized sizes over size 18 are also available. 

For customizations please send us a message as we'll respond in 24hrs or less Excluding Sundays.

 Made In Manya-Krobo GHANA