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H.G Kente collection is extra special. This Kente boast of premium thread and intricate weaving, done to bring the best quality Kente in the world that specializes in many unique styles with a touch of Silk that is optional but brings a incomparable look that is not found anywhere else. These style are mostly customized from the minds of Ghana's top designer's and are a mixture of centuries old styles mixed with a modern edge to them.

MGP embedded into our Prestigious option in a secluded area with a signed certificate by our CEO for proof of authenticity.

Oder ships from Ghana directly to your doors steps. Certificate ships from Wilmington, Delaware in United States for Prestigious Silk items only.

Beautifully gift warped and added MG shopping bag comes with shipping.

This high-end brand is exclusive to our Prestigious client base. 

Materials hand woven are: Cotton, Rayon for Prestigious look and feel.

Humanitarian Ghana Collection Donates 3% of Proceeds to Marrying Ghana Inc. Non-Profit Free meal and education program in West Africa to feed families in poverty and boys and girls to have fair education opportunities.

This catalog includes pattern meanings in the link below: 


 It's Common For Females To Use 6 Yards For Sewing Gowns, Dresses, Etc. Males commonly use 8 to 10 Yards and Overly Sized Men have the Option of 12 Yards. And Children are Typically 4 Yards. Babies and Accessories Typically 2 Yards.

Female are sold in 3 Pieces

Male are Sold in 1 Piece 

Made In Kumasi GHANA 

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