MG Prestige 4 Piece Yoruba Agbada Traditional Clothing AGP

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West African Senator's suit uses whats called Senator's Cashmere material which is the richest fabric found in all of Nigeria. This double sided fabric boast of top notch comfort, feel and look with this double stitch collection for only our most prestigious clientele.  

Our Men's prestigious clothing collection are MGP embroidered with a precious stone sewn underneath along with signed certificate from our President and CEO for proof of authenticity. 

Orders ships directly from Ghana to your doorsteps while certificates ships directly from our corporate office located in Wilmington Delaware in the United States to your door steps.

Specially gift wrapped along with an MG kente official shopping bag.

U.S Men's Size Chart. 

Some Designs  may include some Rayon, Satin, Silk or velvet on Design Patterns. 


Far from simple, rather an exotic and powerful outterlook to speak of status without rendering a single word.

This collection made for our African Chiefs, Kings, politicians and Men of the highest economic status. 

This original African Cashmere is significant to the Elite society on the continent and beyond the diaspora. African culture at its finest. 

Made to perfection. 
African Traditional wear ,African Men's Wedding, African Senator Suit. 

 This unique handmade African Men's clothing line is perfect for special occasions like weddings and corporate business meetings.

Matching Aso Oke hat included.

This Clothing is made to order, so you can request a custom order for that perfect fit or Color. General Sizes which are in U.S measurements. 

To customize your orders, please supply the measurement outlined below

Around neck:
Across back (shoulder to shoulder):
Sleeve length:
Biceps ( Around arm):
Chest Circumference:
Tummy Circumference:
Top length:

Waist circumference:
Thigh Circumference:
Knee Circumference:
Ankle width:
Trouser length (outseam):
Crotch length:

Orders are Shipped between 21-30 Business Days.

Some handmade designs may slightly differ due to nature of handmade material. 


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