MG Men's Traditional African Wear/ Kafka, African Suit T36

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Fine Premium Material: Cashmere.

MG Clothing are branded and embroidered  with the MGC(Marrying Ghana Clothing) initials for proof of Authenticity from our fashion line. 

Some Designs include some Cotton, Rayon, Satin or Silk on Design Patterns. 


This classy wear will fit into any occasion or gathering like magic. Easy and comfortable.

There's no substitute for the real thing made from our African culture. A simple eye test in person tells you everything you need to know. So stand proud and tall with confidence knowing your wearing the top name brand and premium quality from Africa.

Its specially made for you to standout among crowds, You have to try one on to know how it really feels like .

This Special African Clothing for Men is designed with high quality fabric as well as high tailoring standards. African Men clothing, African Dashiki, Dashiki Suit, African Dashiki Men, African Traditional ,African Men Wedding, African Senator Suit, we have it all.

 This unique handmade African Men's clothing line is perfect for special occasions like wedding, baby shower , Church services, special business meetings etc..

This Clothing is made to order, so you can request a custom order for that perfect fit or order general Sizes which are in U.S measurements. 

To customize your orders, please supply the measurement outlined below

Around neck:
Across back (shoulder to shoulder):
Sleeve length:
Biceps ( Around arm):
Chest Circumference:
Tummy Circumference:
Top length:

Waist circumference:
Thigh Circumference:
Knee Circumference:
Ankle width:
Trouser length (outer seam):
Crotch length:

Orders are Shipped between 5-10 Business Day


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