What to wear to a Nigerian wedding

What to wear to a Nigerian wedding

by Chinazor Ikedimma on Jul 09, 2024

Nigerians love weddings because they see them as a moment to celebrate the union of both families as well as the union of the bride and groom. Nigerians are renowned for having opulent, wealthy weddings. It might be challenging to choose an attire for a Nigerian wedding, particularly if you are not close enough to the family to obtain an aso-ebi or if you lack the funds to purchase one. In order to show support for the couple's family, guests are obliged to wear aso-ebi, a costume mostly worn for uniformity. The couple's family sells the fabric, and each buyer is expected to sew it in any pattern or style they like.


For a Nigerian wedding you should consider wearing:

Ankara / African Prints

When attending a Nigerian wedding, this is one of the nicest options for guest attire. No matter what style you choose, Ankara will always work. Ankara effortlessly elevates any ensemble, be it a gown, jumpsuit, skirt and blouse, or pant and blouse. This is due to the Ankara's vivid patterns and colors, which complement the lively exhibition of Nigerian culture during a wedding. In order to blend in with the festivities, pick an Ankara color that complements the couple's "color of the day," which is always included on the invitation. Lack a piece of clothing in the couple's color for Ankara? So simply put on what you have. Even so, you will fit right in and have fun with the festivities.


English Wears

You can choose an English style if you don't own any Ankara clothing or if you have but don't think it's appropriate for a wedding. This can be purchased already created from a market, or you can have one constructed by a tailor in the style you like. Select a ready-made garment that complements the vibrancy and energy of a Nigerian wedding celebration, or choose a color that is the same as the couple's color of the day. But, avoid wearing white, especially if you're a woman. Nigerians find it disrespectful to wear white at a wedding since they believe it detracts from the bride's dignity.


Kimono / Bubu Dress

Bubu and kimono dresses are large, loose-fitting gowns. It gives off what Nigerians refer to as "rich Aunty" vibes, which is a fancy way of saying that you seem affluent without even trying. You can choose a kimono or bubu dress if you want to command respect with your appearance because no one looks bad in one. Make heads turn when you wear it with shades and gold accessories.



Nigerian weddings often feature lace materials because of their richness, which gives off an air of grandeur. Any style can be customized using your lace fabric. Make sure you wear different colors of lace from the bridesmaids if you don't want to be considered as one of the "aso-ebi's."


Two Piece

Whether it's a two-piece suit, pants and blouse, or the traditional two-piece for men known as "senator," a stylish two-piece is always a good choice. Simply get a professional tailor to make it. Senator provides you a clean, rich, masculine style, and it's an ideal option if you are seeking to impress the ladies.


Head Gear

Nigerians love head gears, when selecting a headpiece for a Nigerian wedding, you can go with our traditional "gele," a stylish fascinator, or a hat. Gele and Ankara fit together perfectly. Your Ankara can be worn with a fascinator. Caps and fascinators go great with English attire; feel free to try them out.



Accessorize with bold earrings, a necklace, or a traditional coral bead (appropriate for Ankara wear). Finish off your ensemble with a glittering or elegant little purse with detachable hand and comfortable flat or kitten heels. If you prefer to wear high heels, I recommend a block heel over a pencil heel. This is because Nigerian wedding celebrations are typically long, and wearing stilettos throughout the day can be extremely uncomfortable and painful, preventing you from fully enjoying the occasion. I promise you that you do not want that.


The following advice will assist you in creating the ideal appearance.

  • Find out what the wedding's color theme is, then try to plan your outfit around it.
  • The senator, a classic two-piece, is the easiest and safest option for guys.
  • Make sure your clothing fits well so you won't be straining to move during the komole (dancing) portion of the event.
  • Carry a bag or clutch large enough to hold your phone and other essentials for security.
  • Wear a loose-fitting or bubu dress if you intend to eat a lot



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