Stylish handcrafted authentic royal Kente Cloth- All You want to buy

Kente Cloth is available in various patterns and colors. Each design is unique, and it symbolizes the status of the wearer. It is extensively worn during festive seasons, and it has become part and parcel of the West African Culture.

Royal Authentic Kente Cloth

Royal Authentic Kente Cloth

African Kente 

The handcrafted Kente is made with a composite yarn of silk and cotton. The cloth is made in Akan Islands in Ghana. The product is made by hand in the region by African natives, and it is famous since the historic Ashanti Kingdom.

Significance of color 

Kente is made in various colors, and each color conveys different messages at various parts of the globe.

  • Black – If you wear a black-colored Kente, it gives the meaning that you mature and high in spiritual strength. It is the most significant color.
  • Red – It is a symbolic representation of blood. People having a passion for political power and strength can wear red kente cloth.
  • Blue – If you are a peace-loving guy, you can adorn yourself with blue cloth.
  • Green – The leaf color depicts harvest and growth.
  • White – white color is worn during festive occasions, and it represents purity.
  • Purple – It represented the earth and meant to give protection from evil.
  • Gold – The yellow or gold color depicts royalty. It denotes wealth also.

Each Kente cloth comprises of various colors, patterns, and designs. Each design depicts a story or theme. You can find out the wearer's clan based on the color and pattern of the Kente cloth.

Who made the kente first?

The history reveals that two Akan friends were hunting in the Asanteman forest. They came across a spider which made a beautiful web. The two friends watched the web formation very closely, and they imitated the same procedure at home after returning from the forest.

The first Kent cloth was made in Black and White. Thereafter gradually, other shades were also introduced in the preparation of the fabric. Handmade Kente cloth is famous throughout West Africa. You can buy the product online, and it can be worn with various accessories.

How to wear Kente cloth?

Both men and women wear kente cloth. However, it is worn in different ways. Men wear that cloth by wrapping it around the body and leaving the extra portion on the left shoulder. In the case of women, it is worn in two parts. One part consists of a tubular piece, and the other part is an ankle-length dress.

Hand Weaved Kente Cloth

 Authentic Hand Weaved Kente Cloth

Authentic hand weaved kente cloth 

High-class society in Ghana wears the most authentic hand weaved Kente cloth. However, they are available at affordable prices in various colors and patterns. You can shop online to buy the most appropriate fabric as per the occasion.

Even though the most traditional styles are abstract, some craftsmen prepare numbers, words, and symbols. You can find intricate patterns which are worn with more than two heddles. To look different on special occasions, you can shop for African graduation sashes or head scarfs made with lightweight fabric.

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