5 reasons to shop for royal Kente clothes to give yourself a stylish appeal

Kente cloth is a beautiful textile, originating from Ghana, made from inter-woven cloth strips of silk and cotton. This fabric is worn by almost all tribes from Ghana, as it represents their national and cultural identity. Let us talk about Kente and fashion now. Kente was historically a textile made for kings and royals, which meant that the fabric is made from high-quality materials and feels good on our bodies. MG Kente has a huge variety of Kente fabric and clothes for you to choose from!

Let me give you 5 reasons you should shop for Royal Kente cloths to give yourself a stylish appeal:-

  1. Each color in the Kente textile has a unique meaning to it. Let me elaborate-

  • Black: Maturation, intensified Spiritual Energy
  • Blue: Peacefulness, Harmony and Love
  • Green: Vegetation, Planting, Harvesting, Growth, and Spiritual Renewal
  • Gold: Royalty, Wealth, High Status, Glory, Spiritual Purity
  • Grey: Healing and Cleansing Rituals
  • Grey (associated with Ash Maroon): The Color of Mother Earth, Healing
  • Pink: The Female Essence of Life: the mild, gentle aspect of Red
  • Purple: The Feminine Aspects of Life
  • Red: Political and Spiritual moods, sacrificial rites, and death
  • Silver: Serenity, Purity, Joy, associated with the Moon
  • White: Purification, Sanctification Rites and Festive Occasions
  • Yellow: Preciousness, Royalty, Wealth, Fertility and Beauty

This means that you can express yourself in so many unique ways, with color combinations that signify you in the most accurate way! Talk about making a style statement with having this knowledge of Kente and putting together your outfit for the day.

  1. Authentic Kente Cloth-

Authentic Hand Weaved Kente Cloth

Authentic Hand Weaved Kente Cloth

This variant of Kente Cloth is a little cheaper but it still was and is worn by the high-class societies in Ghana. The colors offered in authentic Kente clothes are eye-catching and will not fail to make a statement. Be bold and feel bold wearing the authentic textile from Ghana. Show the art of Kente to the world by wearing authentic Kente clothing with pride.

  1. Royal Authentic Kente Cloth-

Are you dressing up for an occasion pr maybe Authentic Kente Clothing was just not your style? Well, there is a whole other section of Kente Textile dubbed as “Royal Kente”. This material was and is still worn by the Royalties in Ghana. It signifies success, importance, and royalty. The patterns available in this textile are truly mesmerizing. You will find the best and most bold combinations of Kente, and finding a combination best suited for you will be the task in hand.

Find what speaks to you and be the most stylish in the room with Royal Authentic Kente Clothing wrapped around your body.

Royal Authentic Kente Cloth

Royal Authentic Kente Cloth

  1. Kente is often sold as a textile, instead of a pre-cut and stitched cloth-

Kente is usually sold as a fabric, as it has been for generations in Ghana. The main benefit of this is that you get to make your personalized Kente Clothing without the hassle of getting the wrong sizes. You get the creative freedom to choose how you wish to use your Kente fabric. You may make your clothing with the textile and use the leftovers to make a fashionable stole!

  1. Representation-

You can own a piece of Ghana tradition, made by experts. Represent the traditional clothing of Ghana and make a bold statement when wearing it.

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