Hand weaved Kente Cloth – Why it is all about Fashion Revolution?

Hand Weaved Kente Cloth


Kente Cloths are basically hand women fabrics and have originated in Ghana centuries ago. They are conspicuous of their bold mix of colors especially that of yellow, red, green and blue all throughout the cloth. These are identical both in front as well as back of the cloth that has been woven by hand skilled men and women. Hand weaving is carried out on wooden looms and they are labor intensive and need much focused attention all through out the weaving process.


Although a cultural tradition of people of Ghana and many other parts of Africa it has been found to have millions of admirers in West. In fact, these hand woven cloths or Kente cloths have been exported to most develop and developing nations across the world.

Distinct Names and Meaning for Kente cloths

There are distinct names and meanings when it comes to Kente cloths that are worn by people of Ghana and other parts of Africa. Certain weaving styles represent languages and are symbolically representative of certain action by the people and community. The same is true of colors that appear on the fabric. This makes them quite fashionable in modern world.

Although for many outsiders Kente cloths may look quite abstract yet traditional people state the specific reason as to why they are worn and in different color combinations.

For instance, you may find blue color representative of peace, love and tranquility while red may mean death, strength of action, passion of politics and blood. In the case with gold or yellow color this may mean wealth and royalty while black is indicative of spiritual signs, mourning and funeral.  Green symbolizes prosperity and harvest of crops while white is for purity and festivity. Purple signifies the earth, healing from illness and protection.

It is basically the color and unique design that attract such hand woven globally although for native Africans they still wear them for their strong symbolism.

Artistic Designs and Colorful Patterns

Authentic Hand Weaved Kente Cloth

Authentic Hand Weaved Kente Cloth

Kente cloths are known all over the world for their artistic designs and colorful patterns. They are intricately woven by skilled men and women craftsmen on looms. Black communities in central and Southern parts of America always wear these cloths to express their individuality and sovereignty.

In the above context Kente cloths have again remerged stronger not only amongst black people, but white too. These cloths are actually very colorful and beat the dull and drab coloring of more formal dresses that Europeans and Americans usually wear. There are numerous stores on the internet that supply these kinds of cloths. You may browse them and find out latest trend in fashion. You may find their prices next to pictures and even get special offers and discounts on purchases.

Kente cloths have become rather attractive for outings and even as casual wears as they give you that rare image.

Currently, you also get face masks and pillow covers made of Kente cloths. Besides, you are likely to find these cloths in wider areas as wearable due to their strong color combinations.

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